Disable Comments for Any Post Types (Remove comments)

Allows administrators to disable comments on their website. Comments can be disabled according to Post, Page, Media type.

Disable comments plugin is a useful tool for blog or site administrators that allows fully disabling or hiding comments for any post types, pages or attachments.

It removes the all comments related features and options:

  • disable comments on frontend at all;
  • remove comments option from WordPress dashboard menu;
  • hide comments option from the admin bar;
  • Turn off comments widgets.

In addition, this plugin can disable XML-RPC related functions in WordPress including disable pingbacks and disable trackbacks, and helps to prevent the attacks on the xmlrpc.php file. Lastly, it attempts to generate a “403 Denied” error for requests to the /xmlrpc.php URL, but does not affect that file or your server in any way.

If you want completely remove comments, you can do this individually for selected post types. You can easily bulk delete all WordPress comments in some clicks. No any other “Delete All Comments” plugins or phpMyAdmin needed.

You can disable comments but if you decide to leave them, you need to close comments external links from the search engines. By default when users places comments, the WordPress adds rel=”nofollow” attribute to the comment author URL and for all links in the comments text. However, already for a long time, search engines ignores this and follows links. It makes dozens of superfluous external links from comments that are do not bring anything good for your SEO. Disable Comments plugin makes all external links in WordPress comments invisible for search engines with Javascript and improves your blog or website SEO.

In addition, if you do not want to disable comments you may need to remove website field from the WordPress comment form. Note: you can remove comment author URL but this feature can be not work with some themes.

Generally, the Disable Comments plugin uses the intelligent algorithm to hide comments and remove comments. You just need to turn some toggles on.

Step 1: Install it

Install this plugin by navigating Plugins -> Add New within your Admin dashboard, then searching for ' Disable Comments for Any Post Types (Remove comments) ', then click Install, then activate.
Alternatively you can head over here, download the plugin and then upload and extract it to your WordPress plugins folder.

Step 2: Use it

Use the plugin as shown in the below screenshots:

comments-plus tutorial screenshot 1
comments-plus tutorial screenshot 2
comments-plus tutorial screenshot 3


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