Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support]

Allows administrators to globally disable comments on their site. Comments can be disabled according to post type. Multisite friendly. Provides tool to delete comments according to post type.

nstantly allow or disallow comments from any post type in WordPress (Pages, Posts, or Media) to stop the spammers and gain complete control over your full website. WP-CLI Support & Control comments via XML-RPC and REST-API too!

Here are its main features:

  • All “Comments” links are hidden from the Admin Menu and Admin Bar.
  • All comment-related sections (“Recent Comments”, “Discussion” etc.) are hidden from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • All comment-related widgets are disabled (so your theme cannot use them).
  • The “Discussion” settings page is hidden.
  • All comment RSS/Atom feeds are disabled (and requests for these will be redirected to the parent post).
  • The X-Pingback HTTP header is removed from all pages.
  • Outgoing pingbacks are disabled.
  • Stop spam comments entirely from the site with one click.
  • Delete comments by type.
  • Disable comments via XML-RPC & REST-API]
  • Fully Multi-site Network supported.

Step 1: Install it

Install this plugin by navigating Plugins -> Add New within your Admin dashboard, then searching for ' Disable Comments - Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support] ', then click Install, then activate.
Alternatively you can head over here, download the plugin and then upload and extract it to your WordPress plugins folder.

Step 2: Use it

Use the plugin as shown in the below screenshots:

disable-comments tutorial screenshot 1
disable-comments tutorial screenshot 2
disable-comments tutorial screenshot 3


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