XO Security

XO Security is a plugin to enhance login related security.

XO Security is a plugin to enhance login related security.
This plugin does not write to .htaccess file. Besides Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx and IIS also work.

Here are what XO Security will help your WordPress site's security:

  • Record login log.
  • Limit login attempts.
  • Login Alert.
  • Add Captcha to the login form and comment form.
  • Change the URL of the login page.
  • Disable login by mail address.
  • Disable login by user name.
  • Change login error message.
  • Disable XML-RPC and XML-RPC Pingback.
  • Disable REST API.
  • Change REST API URL prefix.
  • Disable author archive page.
  • Remove comment author class of comments list.
  • WooCommerce login page protection.
  • Anti-spam comment.
  • Hide WordPress version information.
  • Edit the author slug.
  • Disable RSS and Atom feeds.

Step 1: Install it

Install this plugin by navigating Plugins -> Add New within your Admin dashboard, then searching for ' XO Security ', then click Install, then activate.
Alternatively you can head over here, download the plugin and then upload and extract it to your WordPress plugins folder.

Step 2: Use it

Use the plugin as shown in the below screenshots:

xo-security tutorial screenshot 1
xo-security tutorial screenshot 2
xo-security tutorial screenshot 3


Read more here.

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